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Nourish and heal your horses with wholesome feed, high-potency herbal extract prescriptions and premium, natural products from master equine herbalist Victoria Ferguson, using human medicinal quality herbal extracts, oils, gels and flowers with guaranteed provenance.

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I’ve consulted Victoria frequently and have had great success with her herbal remedies. My horses are all on the VF Natural Diet and they look absolutely fabulous.

Paula Hoffman-Madsen

Deveron Anglo Arabian and Warmblood Stud, Victoria.



I had persistent problems with two of my current dressage horses. One was suffering from nagging gut ulcers and the other with chronic foot issues. Victoria was able to provide me with a very cost effective and successful management of the gut ulcer problem. The chronic cracked hoof issue with the horse has persisted for over two years despite the best efforts of vets, farriers and supplements. Victoria fixed this problem! I followed her program and we had both front feet in perfect condition within 8 months.

Bernadette Gibson

Woodend Equestrian Centre



I have utilised Victoria's expertise for over 12 years now for a wide variety of problems, ranging from bone to behaviour & all types of others in between. A few of these cases were ones that the very best of Veterinary care had not been successful at helping, but Victoria was able to get on top of the problem with her Prescribed Herbal Mixtures. I also highly recommend the VF Natural Diet that Victoria designs for each individual horse based on their needs, it may take more time to mix your feeds, but the results are well worth it and will save you money!!

Adele Edwards


The VF Natural diet is truly the best thing I have ever come across for our horses and has me converted for life from my old ways of feeding processed feeds. All our horses just gleam with health and I get many comments about their calm temperaments, glowing coats and excellent toplines.

Susan Duncan


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