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Equine Herbalist Herbs for Horses

Nourish and heal your horses with wholesome feed, high-potency herbal extract prescriptions and premium, natural products from master equine herbalist Victoria Ferguson, using human medicinal quality herbal extracts, oils, gels and flowers with guaranteed provenance.


I am open for business and here to help you and your horses. Australia wide consultations, old fashioned service & beautiful herbal products when only the best will do.


Victoria has so much experience and knowledge and working with her is amazing. I love herbal medicine and so do my horses!
I have been working with Victoria for almost 5 years to heal injuries and disease and improve the health and welling of my horses. We have had remarkable results, one of our first and most satisfying successes was the removal of sarcoids on my mare's belly - her hair has grown back, and the site has remained clear.

Keli Macrae


We have always sought to use natural therapies where possible to treat our horses and other livestock here on our farm. It has been such a treasure to find Victoria and her beautiful herbal remedies that produce amazing results. And Victoria herself is incredibly helpful! Also her newsletters are filled with terrific insights and great reading!

Tim Skerrett


I highly recommend Victoria, for consultations, prescriptions, products, and her book The Complete Horse Herbal is literally a herbal bible. This book has seen me through hormonal issues with mares, colic, wound care, and lameness issues, in co-ordination with Victoria’s advice and expert knowledge of all things herbal, she also understands, as being a horse lover and rider herself, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with an open mind, who wants to find a better way, and more in line with the horses natural instincts and way of life.

Megan Nicholas


Highly recommend Victoria. My TB eventer Morton had recurring colic, hives, dull and dry skin and joint issues. Victoria has saved my boy!

Courtney Cusack


I’ve consulted Victoria frequently and have had great success with her herbal remedies. My horses are all on the VF Natural Diet and they look absolutely fabulous.

Paula Hoffman-Madsen

Deveron Anglo Arabian and Warmblood Stud, Victoria.


The VF Natural diet is truly the best thing I have ever come across for our horses and has me converted for life from my old ways of feeding processed feeds. All our horses just gleam with health and I get many comments about their calm temperaments, glowing coats and excellent toplines.

Susan Duncan



“I love your natural feeding programs and the horses are looking absolutely fantastic. Also Peppie the young quarter horse with the sarcoids is finally free of them, I attribute that to the VF Natural Diet and the Immune Health Formulas you put him on to cleanse his blood. Thank you for everything.”

Vickie White, Rockhampton, Qld


Stories from the herb garden

Shire Horses Shine On Herbal Medicine

Cindy from Oberon in NSW contacted me last year to treat one of her precious Shire horses who had come down with Stringhalt. Comet an 8-year-old 17.3 hand gelding was put onto clean pasture with his mates, and given his herbal medicine and special feed once a day by...

The Facts About Garlic For Horses

Garlic has been used as a food and a medicine for humans for over six centuries and is now in widespread use as a feed supplement for horses all over the world. I have fed Garlic to my own horses for more than 15 years, and for the past 10 years have recommended it to...

Good and Bad Weeds For Horses

Three of my horses enjoying a feed of Thistles I picked for them. THISTLES Thistles, also known as Sow thistle, rejoices in the Latin name of Sonchus oleraceus and is widespread throughout the world.  According to Pat Collins well-known herbalist, teacher and author,...

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