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If your horse has an illness, injury or other condition, a VF Holistic Consultation can provide a prescription, herbal remedy, artfully hand-blended by master horse herbalist, Victoria Ferguson.
Through a combination of photos, videos and discussions, Victoria will write a treatment plan for your horse. Individualise herbal prescriptions are invoiced separately.
Your horse’s herbal extract remedy will be hand-blended from carefully selected, premium, liquid herbal extracts (not dried herbs).
Artisan-made, herbal oils, gels and balms can be recommended from the VF shop or individually prescribed.
Included in every VF Holistic Consultation is a complimentary, customised VF Natural Diet for the ongoing optimum health of your horse.
After purchase, expect to hear from Victoria within one business day to start the consultation process.

6 reviews for VF Holistic Consultation

  1. Sonia McDonald

    Thanks to Victoria’s thinking outside the square, I now have my healthy, good looking horse back. He is a living tribute to Victoria’s dedication to finding out what is actually causing the problem, and then going about fixing it.

  2. Jodi Homer

    BALLISTA & JUNIOR – Where do I start… Junior in Feb 2014 was diagnosed with a tear on a suspensory in his hind leg… two years on and this seemed to resolve itself… however he then developed what appeared to be a strain in his Collateral Ligament in a front leg. Needless to say I was losing hope … in the meantime I purchased Ballista to be a safe, nice horse to have some fun on whilst he did or didn’t recover.

    Sadly Ballista ruptured something (undiagnosed) in her hock and developed a nasty infection, she was in fact on three legs for over a month. I was struggling to see a future in either horse, and after racing her to a vet where I spent $1400 and she took on board a whole lot of antibiotics, I was advised by many dear Facebook Friends to go herbal.

    Victoria was the quickest one to get back to me, which was great, considering Ballista wasn’t out of the woods as far as infection went, and I had made the decision to not spend the next $2500 at the vets.

    I can honestly say I have put my faith in Victoria’s advice, and she truly has been there every step of the way, just a phone call or an email away. She believed they would both come good, and four and a half months later, I can happily say she was right.

    Junior is now beating off an infection in his hoof, and again treating with herbals, but the ironic thing is it is the same back leg of the original tendon injury, therefore has me wondering about that initial diagnosis….. will probably never really know, but any serious injury is now gone, back riding both of them and looking to a future with my two beautiful ponies

  3. Belinda Palin from Marulan, NSW …

    My gelding Jester has had serious behavioural problems for several years, I consulted Victoria and she recommended treatment with Bach Flower Essences and offering of selected Essential Oils, as she felt his problems were emotional and these remedies would work best for him.
    Jester (also known as ‘Mr Grumpy Pants) did well on the flower essences and oils she prescribed. Jester usually had to be sedated before the farrier could approach him but now is able to trim his hooves without sedation. He has also been to two horsemanship clinics and has gone from pushy towards me and aggressive towards others to not pushy with me and accepting others working with him. Jester still will not allow other people to approach him, but will lay his ears back and walk away now, but not attack. This is a huge improvement.

  4. Sally Mills from Pine Mountain, Qld …

    I am so impressed with Victoria’s herbal regime for treating Qld Itch, my Trakehner mare, Scally, has been afflicted with this on and off for quite a while, despite being fed a natural diet with extra dried herbs. Victoria explained that she needed a liquid orally syringed herbal prescription, as this form of herbs is superior in potency. She was right and along with her Artisan Skin Balm and Orlando’s Coconut and Lemon Myrtle Shampoo, Scally’s skin has healed and she is itch free.

  5. Tahn Camilleri

    Several years ago I contacted Victoria to assist in a natural treatment program for our champion pacer Flashing Red who had developed a joint infection after a routine joint injection. After conventional veterinary treatment was unable to beat the infection, we turned to natural medicine which included herbal tonics provided by Victoria. The infection was eradicated in a short period of time and “Flash” subsequently stood at stud before embarking on a successful show career. We are grateful for Victoria’s help and dedication and recommend her consults and herbal programs.

  6. Tahnee Camilleri

    I recently contacted Victoria to assist in a natural treatment program for my pacer The Smiler (“Rocky”) who had developed a joint infection after a routine coffin joint injection. The infection was eradicated in a short period of time which is quite remarkable as infections in the feet are incredibly hard to deal with. While I had only trained Rocky in the latter part of his career, he had come with a reputation of being a difficult horse to work with. Something I was not suspecting was his change of attitude. This pleasant and unsuspected surprise can only be attributed to his herbal treatment. A once cranky, aggressive and high strung horse, Rocky is now happy and content and very easy to deal with. I am eternally grateful to Victoria not just for her help with his joint infection but also his attitude. I can’t wait for him to be back at the races.

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