Your horse is your life

I understand. It’s the same for me.

A great ride can leave you glowing for days, but an injury or illness can be heartbreaking.

We all want the best for our horses, but choices in feed, supplements and basic care are downright confusing.

What your horse truly needs is simple, easily achieved, and cost-effective.

A well-balanced, natural diet with herbal medicine, when needed, is precisely what your horse needs to look and feel like a million dollars.

No processed, pelleted, ‘wonder’ feeds. Just good, wholesome, nutritious food.

Like you, horses are my great love. I’ve spent my life riding and competing around the country. I’m also extremely devoted to herbal medicine and natural nutrition.

I got my diploma in Herbal Medicine 20 years ago, and I’ve been a practising Equine Herbalist ever since. I’ve treated thousands of horses with hundreds of different ailments and have heard just as many wonderful stories from owners about how healthy and happy their horses are following a treatment or a new diet. I’ve written two books, The Practical Horse Herbal and The Complete Horse Herbal, and opened the School of Equine Herbal Medicine.

I work one-on-one with horse owners to show them how to use natural feeds and herbal remedies to produce the most amazing shiny coats, tough hooves and calm energy, as well as to treat illness and injury naturally and effectively.

If you’d like to provide your horse with wholesome, well-balanced nutrition, you can start by taking the VF Natural Health Quiz to find out what I recommend for your horse.

Media and interviews

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