Stories from the herb garden

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Help for fire affected horses

The devastating bushfires that have ravaged so many parts of Australia have left us all shocked and deeply saddened. Our hearts go out to those who are suffering. But we are also seeing the true Aussie spirit in all the donations that are being given and received. I...

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A good look at Uveitis

Renee Staffleu writes from Queensland’s Darling Downs “In April 2019 my 17.2hh Warmblood Gelding ‘Showman’ had his first vet treatment for what was first thought to be an eye ulcer. By July 2019, many weeks later, after a re-diagnosis of Uveitis and continued...

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Equine Sarcoids – VF Herbal Remedies

Early assessment and treatment of many skin growths especially sarcoids can frequently produce excellent results. They are regarded as being semi-malignant because they only form seedlings in the immediate surroundings but also have malignant properties because of...

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VF Horse Herbal Products Annual Sale

Get 15% off my entire range of pure herbal products for 4 days only – from Friday 2nd August to Monday 5th August. Use code at checkout: VF15 Everything from my best selling Artisan Skin Balm through to must have First Aid Kits, calming Flower Essences, aromatic hoof...

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Victoria’s Equine Herbal Secrets

It’s no secret that when people comment on how well my clients’ horses look on their VF Natural Diets, that they don’t believe there isn’t a secret ingredient, or two. Well actually no there aren’t any secret ingredients, just hand mixed all natural feeds customised...

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Think Before You Breed

This horrendous drought should force a major re-think on horse breeding Selective breeding is essential to producing performance horses that are in demand. There is an old saying ‘Select the best to be mated to the best, and then hope for the best!’ The answer may not...

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