Stories from the herb garden

Learn about keeping your horse in optimum health, naturally

Feeding Horses Naturally

South Australian show horse rider Brianna Duncan and her mother Sue are proud of their magnificent Warmblood gelding Felix (Heathmont Forever After). The picture above was taken this week at 3 ½ years of age. Brianna writes “Felix arrived at our property in June 2017...

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Winter Is Coming

Older horses, especially those with arthritis, feel the cold and this may show up as general stiffness or stiffness in some joints. For those that are still in work, they most likely warm out of this quite quickly, a benefit of correct work. Appropriate feeding and...

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Now Is The Time For Self Reliance

At times like this, it’s a no brainer to have a first aid kit on hand, one you can use for horses and their humans. Victoria Ferguson’s Just-in-Case Equine Herbal First Aid Kit is made from 100% human medicinal quality herbal extracts and oils and comes with a really...

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Why Worm?

Kim Dawson is an expert on equine worms, she has kindly contributed this blog for the benefit of my clients and readers. See her bio below. Why do people behave the way they do? Recently we have seen people fighting in supermarkets, hoarding toilet paper and generally...

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Horses, Herbs, Health & Happiness

A story about a beautiful horse called Eli, the herbs that returned him to health and made his devoted owners Debbie & Amber very happy. Amber explains … “After our beautiful horse Eli was diagnosed with Stringhalt and many hours of reading and researching about...

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Now’s the time for reading

For horse health enthusiasts, Victoria Ferguson’s ”Complete Horse Herbal” has been flying off the shelves of late both here and overseas. “My books have always been popular internationally, but I’m really excited to have sent three off lately to some really amazing...

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