Stories from the herb garden

Learn about keeping your horse in optimum health, naturally

Herbs For Horses – Feed & Medicine

WHY I USE LIQUID HERBS FOR MEDICINE The Greek Physician Hippocrates (370 – 440 BC) known as the father of medicine famously said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. In this day and age this is not so easy, and when it comes to herbs for horses, owners...

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Drought Feeding Tips

MILLET & LINSEED PORRIDGE Just one of the features of the VF Natural Diet is the Millet & Linseed Porridge. This should really be called Cossack Porridge and was taught me by the late Dorothy Hall, my highly esteemed herbal medicine guru, who also taught us...

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Are Your Horses Well Enough?

The best way to ensure optimum health for your performance or pleasure horses is to prevent problems occurring in the first place. From a holistic point of view this means looking after the whole horse, all the time… The three points of the triangle affect the overall...

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Flower Essence Therapy for Horses

The history of flower essence therapy dates back to the 16th century and spans many cultures. It started with the great healer and mystic Paracelsus who collected the dew from flowers to treat his patients’ emotional imbalances. The culture was also known to the...

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Equine Viruses – Herbs to the Rescue

In our herbal pharmacopeia we herbalists have many anti-viral herbs, which we select and blend with immune and adrenal system herbs to get viruses on the run. The natural immunity of a body, be it man or horse, is a precious possession which requires nurturing.  In...

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Top Showjumper Loves Equi-Vital

Deirdre Hartog, breeder and owner of showjumpers, and horse lover, says .. “I love the Equi-Vital all natural feed supplement.  It's full of essential minerals and vitamins to keep the horses feeling and looking great and their coats shining.  I feed it to all my show...

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