Stories from the herb garden

Learn about keeping your horse in optimum health, naturally

Persevering With Percy

When Sallie met Percy back in 2013 she fell in love with the very handsome Percheron gelding. She bought him even though he had a severe case of thrush, and a week later her farrier gave her the bad news that it was a hoof canker. At that time she was living in Nimbin...

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Brianna Duncan Showhorses!

South Australian show horse rider Brianna Duncan has been a highly successful show rider for the past 10 years, currently with Deevie (Double TT De-Vita), and has recently started dressage competition with her Warmblood gelding Felix (Heathmont Formula One).  The...

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Hoof abscesses are a common problem for horses and their carers, so here’s how to heal them naturally. Sudden and extreme lameness in one leg,  is the usual symptom of a hoof abscess, together with a digital pulse. This is located in the artery running down the inside...

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