Stories from the herb garden

Learn about keeping your horse in optimum health, naturally

Flower Essence Therapy for Horses

The history of flower essence therapy dates back to the 16th century and spans many cultures. It started with the great healer and mystic Paracelsus who collected the dew from flowers to treat his patients’ emotional imbalances. The culture was also known to the...

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Equine Viruses – Herbs to the Rescue

In our herbal pharmacopeia we herbalists have many anti-viral herbs, which we select and blend with immune and adrenal system herbs to get viruses on the run. The natural immunity of a body, be it man or horse, is a precious possession which requires nurturing.  In...

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Top Showjumper Loves Equi-Vital

Deirdre Hartog, breeder and owner of showjumpers, and horse lover, says .. “I love the Equi-Vital all natural feed supplement.  It's full of essential minerals and vitamins to keep the horses feeling and looking great and their coats shining.  I feed it to all my show...

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Joint Ill Foal Recovery

Torres owned by Tamara Potter of Strathalbyn, SA, has made a full recovery from joint ill as a 3 week old foal.  Here is their story. Tam contacted me in November last year for a herbal program for Torres, who had been diagnosed with joint ill, as she did not want to...

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The Good Oil

The low down on good oils and bad oils for your horses Does the oil product you are feeding your horses come in a container that looks like it contains motor oil? If it does, then you need to be very, very worried indeed. The irrefutable facts about oils is they are...

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Nourishing the Hoof

Does the hoof of the horse require special nourishment?  In a perfect world where the horse receives balanced nutrition from the moment of conception and throughout its whole life but especially from birth to maturity, the answer is no.  Sadly that rarely happens.  If...

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