Stories from the herb garden

Learn about keeping your horse in optimum health, naturally

Your Horses’ Waterworks

Keeping a check on horses’ waterworks should become part of good management. A reliable way of doing this is to teach them to urinate prior to work. Start by whistling the horse either in the stable or in some long grass after work and after some consistent training...

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Equine Herbs and Drugs

Whilst the quick action of drugs is often necessary to relieve an acute condition symptomatically and in the short term, the negative side effects and contraindications for their use in the medium to long term are well known and documented. All horses with acute...

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No Foot No Horse

“No foot – no horse.” This old saying is as true today as it ever was. Today’s equestrian sports are very demanding on the hooves of the horse. When horses lived in their natural environment they travelled long distances over different terrains and this wear and tear...

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Poisons Affecting Horses

Horses are particularly susceptible to a huge range of poisons - snake and spider bites; antibiotics in feeds for other species of animals; herbicides, pesticides, fungicides; bacterial, fungal and mould toxins and certain plants. Heavy metals, nitrates and nitrites...

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Laminitis – VF Herbal Case Study

A year ago, I was asked by an old client to help her get her Arabian show horse sound as he was suffering from a mystery bout of laminitis in all four hooves. One front hoof showed mild rotation. Her vet wanted to cut the deep flexor tendon above the check ligament...

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