The devastating bushfires that have ravaged so many parts of Australia have left us all shocked and deeply saddened. Our hearts go out to those who are suffering. But we are also seeing the true Aussie spirit in all the donations that are being given and received.

I want to help so I am offering owners whose horses have been affected by fires. I will donate by way of providing free consultations – so that I can recommend treatment programs and provide suitable products or prescriptions to hasten recovery for these horses.

I will provide one consultation per owner, and provide my products &/or prescriptions at a 15% discount post-free. I felt this was the best way to help as these horses will get the most suitable herbal treatment, rather than me just offering products that may or may not be suitable for each horse.

Herbal remedies are very effective for treating symptoms of smoke inhalation such as coughing and skin and hoof damage and preventing and treating infection.

Please contact me by email or phone or Messenger to arrange your consultation.
Email –
Phone – 0439 800343