Herbal Health for Older Horses Victoria Ferguson

Harry, active and happy at 27

My three beloved geldings are all aged. Fabio (19) and Harry (27) are retired but my beautiful Orlando, who turned 20 in October, is a Grand Prix level dressage horse in full work.

I have had Orlando for 3 years and when I bought him I knew he had  arthritis in his hocks but as there had been clinical evidence for some years, I decided he was more than worth the risk, as he is an extremely well conformed and unraced Thoroughbred with the most delightful temperament.

Herbal Health for Older Horses Victoria Ferguson

Beautiful Orlando, a Grand Prix level Dressage horse in full work at 20



Orlando is maintained on my Guardian Joint formula, which co-ordinates perfectly with his VF Natural Diet. The unique herbs in this formula nourish the synovial membranes and fluid in the joints as well as ligaments and tendons, and there are no anti-inflammatories in it.

Harry came to me as a 6 year old ex racehorse and eventer and I retrained him as a dressage horse and retired him 4 years ago, aged 23.

In the past 10 years he has been ridden out on trails and was also a successful schoolmaster.

He has been on his VF Natural Diet for 21 years and he has absolutely no signs of arthritis whatsoever.  In fact he is extremely mobile and likes to do circle work around Fabio for half an hour before dinner.

Herbal Health for Older Horses Victoria Ferguson

Harry and Fabio enjoying their retirement

The VF Natural Diet  is designed to prevent arthritis as well as promoting a strong immune system,  tough hooves, great muscle tone, interior health and exterior glow.

In recent years he has been prone to seedy toe despite having excellent hooves and being regularly trimmed, so with his help I developed Harry’s Lemon Grass Hoof Oil.  Just a few drops on the toe area every day gets rid of seedy toe within a few weeks.

Fabio is a Holsteiner bought as a successful 5 year old young dressage horse.  He gets really hot and bothered by flies especially bot flies, so by daily spraying with Fabio’s Comfort Spray when these pests are around, helps to create a barrier between the coat and the flies which reduces the number of eggs laid and bites by flies, mosquitoes and other biting insects.   When he does get bitten I use my Artisan Skin Balm, which quickly helps to soothe.