VF Holistic Consultations

Prescription herbal remedies from a qualified horse herbalist

Prescription herbal remedies from a qualified horse herbalist

If your horse has an illness, injury or other condition, a VF Holistic Consultation can provide a prescription, herbal remedy, artfully hand-blended by master horse herbalist, Victoria Ferguson.

With a diploma in Herbal Medicine and 20 years of experience treating horses, Victoria is one of Australia’s most qualified, experienced and knowledgeable horse herbalists. Victoria has written two books: The Practical Horse Herbal and The Complete Horse Herbal.

Victoria practises classical herbal medicine, treating your horse holistically to return balance and harmony to its body. It’s all about treating each horse as an individual and stimulating his or her own powerful healing abilities.

Through a combination of photos, videos and discussions, Victoria will prescribe & dispense an individualised, herbal prescription for your horse.

Your horse’s herbal extract remedy will be hand-blended from carefully selected, premium, liquid herbal extracts (not dried herbs). Whenever possible, Victoria uses herbs which are organic and Australian-grown.

Artisan-made, herbal oils, gels and balms can be recommended from the VF shop or individually prescribed.

Included in every VF Holistic Consultation is a complimentary, customised VF Natural Diet for the ongoing optimum health of your horse.

In working with Victoria to treat your horse, you can expect a highly professional, thorough and individualised service from a highly regarded horse herbalist. Victoria is always available to talk to you about your horse and any concerns you have concerning it.

How VF Holistic Consultations work

Buy your VF Holistic Consultation directly through the VF Shop

Expect to hear from Victoria within 24 hours (weekdays)

Fill out all your horse’s detail on the questionnaire provided

Receive a treatment plan and a prescription herbal remedy via Australia Post (remedies are invoiced directly to you)

Receive a complimentary VF Natural Diet

Expect Victoria to follow-up and to check progress regularly for as long as needed


Thanks to Victoria’s thinking outside the square, I now have my healthy, good looking horse back. He is a living tribute to Victoria’s dedication to finding out what is actually causing the problem, and then going about fixing it.

Sonia McDonald

Nabiac NSW.


I had persistent problems with two of my current dressage horses. One was suffering from nagging gut ulcers and the other with chronic foot issues. Victoria was able to provide me with a very cost effective and successful management of the gut ulcer problem. The chronic cracked hoof issue with the horse has persisted for over two years despite the best efforts of vets, farriers and supplements. Victoria fixed this problem! I followed her program and we had both front feet in perfect condition within 8 months.

Bernadette Gibson

Woodend Equestrian Centre



I was extremely fortunate in finding Victoria nearly a decade ago, when a gelding that we had bred was diagnosed with bone cysts. Vets advised it would be unlikely that he would be fully sound again and Victoria was able to successfully treat the cysts with her prescriptive herbs and natural diet and he has been sound and in work ever since. Since then, my horses have only ever been on her diets and she has successfully treated a number of aliments including sarcoids, coughs and hormonal issues in my mare. To date, there is nothing that she hasn’t been able to treat. I have also used her creams and balms and maintain her first aid kit, which we have used extensively. I am forever grateful for all of Victoria’s guidance and assistance over the years and thoroughly recommend her services and products.

Yvette Lutze




I am so impressed with Victoria’s herbal regime for treating Qld Itch, my Trakehner mare, Scally, has been afflicted with this on and off for quite a while, despite being fed a natural diet with extra dried herbs. Victoria explained that she needed a liquid orally syringed herbal prescription, as this form of herbs is superior in potency. She was right and along with her Artisan Skin Balm and Orlando’s Coconut and Lemon Myrtle Shampoo, Scally’s skin has healed and she is itch free.

Sally Mills




My gelding Jester has had serious behavioural problems for several years, I consulted Victoria and she recommended treatment with Bach Flower Essences and offering of selected Essential Oils, as she felt his problems were emotional and these remedies would work best for him.

Jester (also known as ‘Mr Grumpy Pants) did well on the flower essences and oils she prescribed. Jester usually had to be sedated before the farrier could approach him but now is able to trim his hooves without sedation. He has also been to two horsemanship clinics and has gone from pushy towards me and aggressive towards others to not pushy with me and accepting others working with him. Jester still will not allow other people to approach him, but will lay his ears back and walk away now, but not attack. This is a huge improvement.

Belinda Palin

Marulan, NSW


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