Principal of The School of Equine Herbal Medicine, Victoria Ferguson, today announced some exciting changes to the school.

The Practitioner Course will be discontinued at the end of June and will be replaced by a series of education programs for horse owners and managers.   These programs will provide them with information they can trust and rely upon for self empowerment in providing natural health solutions for their valuable horses.

There is a huge interest in the use of herbs to heal common problems in horses and in preventive natural nutrition and the new programs will allow widespread participation.

The programs will be available in print and digital forms and will cover every area of equine health.

The information will be presented so that it can be applied practically and easily – identifying the problem, how to treat it, where to get quality herbal remedies and how and why they work.

Subjects to be covered will include the whole range of common equine problems in Australia, as well as first aid.

Horse owners often turn to herbal medicine because they cannot afford the increasingly high cost of veterinary medicine and are looking for natural alternatives.  Timely access is also becoming a problem and also the withholding of veterinary care especially in Queensland if horses are not vaccinated for Hendra.

“Health care providers for both humans and animals are realising the public’s desire to use less toxic treatments when challenges to health occur.  The general mood is shifting. They are looking for treatments that will nurture the body, unlike many of the medical procedures and drugs…”  (Dr Ian Bidstrup MVSc & Dr Joanne Watkins MVSc  Foreword to “The Practical Horse Herbal”)

Students currently enrolled in the Practitioner Course of the school are not affected by these changes.  Anyone wishing to enrol before the 30 June should apply immediately.

New Self Empowerment Programs Victoria Ferguson