Artisan Skin Balm – 250ml

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Hand made by infusing organic Calendula petals & Hypericum flowers into organic olive oil, then blended with beeswax & Garlic essential Oil. To be used as a physical barrier protecting skin irritation, abrasions and wounds against flies, contamination and infections.

6 reviews for Artisan Skin Balm – 250ml

  1. Alecia Brimson (NT)

    This balm healed wounds, itches, rubs & bites, for our horses, and the bonus is it kept the flies away.

  2. Cassie Cleave (Vic)

    This stuff is amazing. I cannot believe how quickly Molly’s wound healed after a few applications.

  3. Mary Mumford (Vic)

    This balm has really worked on greasy heel and mud fever for us, we always keep a pot on hand.

  4. Amie

    This balm is fantastic! I used this to treat my horse’s hair loss and had incredible results!! After trying several other ointments, nothing compared to the artesian balm. The oil base gives this balm a residual affect which meant he had great coverage even in the rain!

  5. Maddie Shoesmith, Strathalbyn, SA

    The first aid kit is indispensable and I am consistently able to reach for a natural healing treatment for my horses when a problem arises. The treatments also allow you to get in early and often prevent a small problem from becoming a disaster. Once you incorporate the first aid kit into your stable, you and your horses will never look back!!!

  6. Karen Hunter

    I originally purchased the artisan skin balm to treat a horse with very bad greasy heel after trying a number of other creams without success. The balm cleared the greasy heel and have since used it on QLD itch sores (excellent results) and currently using to heal sunburt skin on noses. Great balm to have on hand.

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