Artisan Skin Balm – 400ml

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Hand made by infusing organic Calendula petals and Hypericum flowers into organic olive oil, then blended with a little beeswax and Garlic Essential Oil.  To be used as a physical barrier protecting skin irritations, abrasions and wounds against flies, contamination and infections.

Two year best before date, if kept as recommended.

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Packaged in light proof, recyclable brown plastic tub.


Plus one secret herbal ingredient

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250 ml, 400 ml

8 reviews for Artisan Skin Balm – 400ml

  1. Mary Mumford (Vic)

    This balm has really worked on greasy heel and mud fever for us, we always keep a pot on hand.

  2. Cassie Cleave (Vic)

    This stuff is amazing. I cannot believe how quickly Molly’s wound healed after a few applications.

  3. Alecia Brimson (NT)

    This balm healed wounds, itches, rubs & bites, for our horses, and the bonus is it kept the flies away.

  4. Amie

    This balm is fantastic! I used this to treat my horse’s hair loss and had incredible results!! After trying several other ointments, nothing compared to the artesian balm. The oil base gives this balm a residual affect which meant he had great coverage even in the rain!

  5. Nicola

    This balm is awesome for skin. It soothes and heals skin in no time. Love the large plastic tub – it doesn’t break when my youngster knocks it onto the floor!

  6. Deb Davey

    I used this for canon ketosis,the area started to improve quickly and has
    I use this on her mane and tail to stop rubbing and white socks to stop flies biting.
    What a wonderful product

  7. Jo Lawrence

    Artisan Skin Balm
    Great on greasey heal and more recently my son on his skin issue on feet, fixed in week applying everyday.
    Not having to worry about nasty chemicals
    Love it

  8. Keli MacRae

    I recently used the Artisan Skin Balm to heal a particularly nasty skin condition which was spreading quickly, painful and so itchy that the hair had been rubbed off on the neck and mane. The soothing and healing effects of the product were evident after just one day, and after a week the condition had cleared and the hair is now growing back. Fabulous product, and it smells amazing!

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