Rejuvenate Devil’s Claw & Meadowsweet Formula

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VF formula of Aussie grown organic herbal extracts of Meadowsweet & imported Devil’s claw root – for first aid treatment to assist in protecting swellings on muscles, legs, hooves, and body from further inflammation, bruising and swelling.

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100 ml, 250 ml

1 review for Rejuvenate Devil’s Claw & Meadowsweet Formula

  1. Maddie Shoesmith, Strathalbyn, SA

    The first aid kit is indispensable and I am consistently able to reach for a natural healing treatment for my horses when a problem arises. The treatments also allow you to get in early and often prevent a small problem from becoming a disaster. Once you incorporate the first aid kit into your stable, you and your horses will never look back!!!

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