Sustain Joint Formula

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VF formula of herbal extracts of Celery, Juniper, Horsetail and Chamomile, traditionally used to maintain mobility, especially suitable for older and retired horses. To assist in reducing stiffness associated with arthritis.

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Packaged in light proof, recyclable brown plastic bottle.

Best before date of 2 years, if kept as recommended.


Plus one secret herbal ingredient

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250ml, 500ml

2 reviews for Sustain Joint Formula

  1. Candice Helbig (SA)

    I had Lucky on all sorts of expensive products to help with his arthritis. He has responded so well to this tonic and is moving so well, we are able to keep him in regular light work. He has also put on muscle and top line, which I attribute to his VF Natural Diet.

  2. Summah O’Donnell, Ulladulla, NSW

    We were close to considering euthanasia for our rescued arthritic racehorse, who suffered greatly each winter. He was fast deteriorating and the vets and therapists we used weren’t confident in his recovery. We decided to consult with Victoria, as the herbs we were using just didn’t make a difference to his pain, comfort, mobility and weight maintenance.
    We are so thrilled that he has gained weight, steadily maintained it, and is fully mobile and free from pain.

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