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Each VF Natural diet is formulated for your individual horse/s and is based on a combination of hay, chaff, all-natural energy feeds, proteins, oils and other natural supplements including some dried herbs.

Includes worming program with access to faecal testing, treatment advice and VF herbal anthelmintics.

After you purchase your diet/s, you’ll receive a questionnaire from Victoria within one business day. Once you send through all your horse/s’s details, Victoria will provide a customised, well-balanced, natural diet plan for your horse/s within a few days including worming program information.

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4 reviews for VF Natural Diets

  1. Alison Denny from Dayboro, Qld

    “I have been feeding the VF Natural Diet to my showjumpers for more than 10 years, with great success, Victoria’s new feed supplement Equi-Vital is a great time saver, instead of adding 6 different things, it’s all in one, and the quality and freshness is fantastic.”

  2. Sue Thornley from Lucindale, SA …

    Victoria has formulated diets for all my horses for the past 15 years, and I am always delighted with the results. She is always available to adjust their diets whenever this may be needed. Her knowledge of horses and herbs is invaluable.

  3. Paula Hoffman-Madsen, Deveron Stud, Vic. ..

    “I have been feeding the VF Natural Diet for my Anglo Arabians and Arabian Warmbloods for as long as I can remember, and more recently to my German Riding Ponies. This diet produces healthy horses with glowing coats, great muscle tone and balanced energy, and it is economical. They are happy, and I am happy knowing that I am doing the very best for them that I can.”

  4. Terri Kolb

    I appreciate Victoria’s advice and being so accessible to consult with as horses develop and needs change. I’m also very happy with the Equi-Vital as a natural all-purpose supplement.

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