I am delighted to welcome three exceptional new students to the Practitioner Course  –  Maike Turnbull from WA,  Jan Payne from NSW and Nicola Crawford from Victoria.

Maike is a vet, a horsewoman and a lawyer. Since 2011 she has run AMT Equestrian Services which teaches equine first aid & welfare to horse owners and promotes and teaches ethical and responsible horsemanship.  She is also going to the UK soon to undertake the Animal Aromatics course with Caroline Ingraham.

Jan is a Bowen therapist and practising herbalist, who was training with Dorothy Hall when I was, she and her husband have shares in quite a few racehorses and have recently taken on a rescue mare, which is proving to be a worthwhile learning curve.

Nicola Crawford is a human and animal Bowen & Emmett therapist for both humans and horses, has a Science Degree and is the Science Faculty Leader at Monivae College, Ballarat.  She completed the self interest course a few years back and has decided to follow her calling to become an equine herbal practitioner.

Meanwhile roping rider Karen Craft from Wallabadah, NSW, is showing her competitive nature and love of learning, by leading the study stakes, and has just completed the massive Equine Materia Medica assignment.

Hard on her heels are Debbie Way from South Australia and Dale Logan from New Zealand.  Skye Berry, Mickie Magan and Deborah Ware, all from NSW, are not far behind, so this group will sit their final exams at the end of this year.