School of Equine Herbal Medicine

Become a qualified Equine Herbalist


Turn your passion for horses and love of natural living into a career, with the Practitioner Course at Victoria Ferguson’s School of Equine Herbal Medicine.

The only horse herbalist course to be accredited with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), the qualifications you earn from this course will allow you to become a member of the IICT and to obtain professional indemnity as well as product liability insurance.

On your journey to becoming a qualified equine herbalist, you’ll be mentored by Victoria Ferguson, a qualified practitioner and published author with 20 years of experience as a horse herbalist in Australia.  In addition to delivering all the coursework for the Practitioner Course, Victoria will work personally with you to ensure you are progressing well through the course.

As a School of Equine Herbal Medicine Practitioner Course student, you can expect to commit around two years on a part-time basis. However, this is a flexible course and you are encouraged to progress at your own pace. You can continue your work in or out of the home during your study.

Please note this course is only available to students in Australia and New Zealand.


As a student of Victoria’s, I have enthusiastically embraced her method of natural care using herbs and natural whole foods, and my horses are shining examples of health and contentment.

Victoria’s passion for her work is tireless, and her devotion to her students and the school she has nurtured is evident in her respect and support for her students.
Victoria has been wonderfully supportive to me during my journey; she has become the engine that drives me to succeed and believe in myself as a future practitioner of equine herbal medicine.

Deborah Ware, Remedial therapist

Current student of the Practitioner Course at the School of Equine Herbal Medicine


I wanted to learn more about natural feeding and utilising herbs with our team of roping horses. I am nearly through Victoria’s School of Equine Herbal Medicine Practitioner Course, and I am absolutely loving it. It has put a whole new light on caring for my horses. It is thorough but also teaches you the simplicity of keeping horses when you have the right approach.

Victoria is a great teacher; she is down to earth and very approachable. I don’t believe you will find a better teacher that has had the experience that Victoria has behind her.

Karen Craft

current student of the Practitioner Course at the School of Equine Herbal Medicine



When my pony became very ill with ‘toxic laminitis’, Victoria’s herbal treatments have provided ongoing improvements in her health.

Inspired by my pony’s transformation, I enrolled in the School of Equine Herbal Medicine Practitioner Course. The information provided is easy to follow and inspired further thought and consideration.

I’m enjoying every moment.

Marion Carrick

current student of the Practitioner Course at the School of Equine Herbal Medicine


Course Information

As a student in the Practitioner Course at the School of Equine Herbal Medicine, you’ll complete seven modules of study, each with two assignments.

Natural Health Philosophy

Preventive Nutrition  


Materia Medica

The Art of Blending Liquid Herbal Extracts


Natural Diet Principles

Natural Diet Design


Holistic Assessment and Treatment Principles

Holistic Assessment and

Treatment Practical

Practical and Herbal First Aid

Equine Anatomy and


Weekend practical and written exams



Forms of Using Herbs

The Chemistry of Herbs


Enrolment and starting dates: Enrolments can be submitted at any time.

Applications: Contact Victoria Ferguson directly for further information on the course or application details.

Duration: The course is expected to last approximately two years, part-time, depending on personal circumstances.

Delivery: Course materials are delivered via email in addition to one face-to-face, weekend workshop.

Entry criteria: It is desirable that applicants hold, at minimum, Year 12 Biology/Science/Health, or Agriculture, or equine qualifications or career experience. Life and equine experience will be given recognition.

Qualification: Graduates will earn a Certificate of Attainment in the Practitioner Course from the School of Equine Herbal Medicine. This qualification is recognised by the IICT which provides professional indemnity and product liability insurance.