Kaesbrook Gladiator (by Maximus of Astral from Storm Princess) received the judges’ thumbs up at every show he attended this year. Bred by Linda Lord and ridden by daughter Emily Lord, he is retiring from the show scene and is about to become competitive in the dressage arena.


Emily Lord with Billy. LMG Photos.

This will be their last outing in the show horse arena as they have now moved into dressage.  Emily will also be riding the big Thoroughbred Lord Cairo in hack classes.

Emily who is still only 14 years old, has often been the youngest competitor in big classes of 30 or more, where she has gone to the top of the line up.

“I have been so lucky to ride Billy. He has taught me so much and he is amazing to ride. We developed a very special bond and he always looks after me.  We have achieved so much together and I would never have imagined him winning as much as he has. Billy is a pet first and a show horse second. He loves galloping around our track and going over the jumps at pony club as well as doing his thing at shows,” says Emily.

Emily’s mother Linda is the chef d’equipe for the team which also includes husband Peter’s race mare Jeannie’s Flyer and young Ed who is in the paddock growing at the moment.


Linda Lord with Billy

They are all fed  their own customised VF Natural Diets and Billy has been on his since he was a 2 year old.

Linda explains  “I contribute much of his success to a combination of regular exercise and his VF natural diet. He is healthy inside and out.  Victoria provides me with constant advice for Billy and all our horses, with diet reviews and herbal treatments whenever needed. Billy is a very relaxed and honest horse but he is an internal stressor and so we have to manage him carefully to deal with this. He is a picture of health and he thrives at home and in the show ring. He is every mothers dream horse and we are so lucky to have bred such an amazing animal.”