Back in 1997 when I first started consulting Australia wide, I had a land line and a typewriter,  not even a computer, although that wasn’t far away.  Now 25 years later it is so easy to communicate with instant words, photos and videos on the computer and mobile phone.  My herbs are delivered by Australia Post all over Australia.  I work from home on my property outside of clean, green and tiny Tenterfield, on the northern tablelands of NSW.

In these difficult times distance consulting is a bonus no matter where you live in this big country.  With my vast experience as a horsewoman and herbalist (I am now 73 years of age and keep one dressage horse in work)  I continue to offer good old fashioned service and ongoing support to all my clients.

I seem to have developed a reputation for fixing really difficult problems, which is great as I enjoy challenges, but my herbal medicine and natural feeding programs provide really simple solutions to all common health problems.

I practise classical herbal medicine, treating horses holistically, targeting causes not just symptoms. It’s all about treating each horse as an individual and stimulating his or her own powerful healing ability.
Herbs have stood the test of time to heal a wide range of diseases and injuries – they help the body to heal faster and better – but like any medicine you need educated help for a selection, not social media or Dr Google.

I am a qualified human herbalist, which gives me access to practitioner only human medicinal quality liquid herbal extracts which you can trust for provenance and potency.

My herbal remedies are administered by oral dosing which is non-invasive and they are safe, effective, inexpensive, biodegradable & renewable, therefore sustainable. Whenever possible I use herbal extracts which are organic and Australian grown.

My herbal oils and ointments for use on the hooves or skin can safely be licked by the horse, and often are. This is comforting to know, as so many pharmaceuticals have dire warnings about not getting them on your skin. If they aren’t safe for your skin they aren’t safe for your horses’ skin.

Every one of my herbal remedies is 100% pure making them extremely good value.

With the help of my own horses and many client’s horses,  I have developed a range of products which can be bought without a consultation, but if you need help with selection I am just an email or a phone call away.

I am observing strict biosecurity practices so you can be assured that the contents of parcels you receive from me will be as safe as they possibly can be.  All my suppliers are top quality human medicinal product businesses and have gone to great lengths to protect their products. Here are a few tips ….
All parcels, bags of feed, packaged products bought from shops should be wiped down with a 50/50 mix of bleach and water.

Keep one pair of shoes to go out, on return home remove them while you are outside, and swab the soles with the bleach mix.  Leave them on the verandah upside down in the sun if you can.  Remove your outer clothes and put them straight in the washing machine.

Use Eucalyptus oil to make wipes for door handles, car doors, steering wheel, hand brake etc.  Use a disposable rubber glove to handle petrol pumps.

Keep a diffuser going in the house using essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Lemon Grass and Sandalwood.

Hand washing – cut your nails short and use a nail brush to scrub under your nails, remove nail polish too.
Soak all loose vegetables in water with 20% colloidal silver added to it.

I have been espousing the value of protecting and enhancing horses’ immune systems for the past 25 years.  The same principle applies to humans and all animals.  To quote the brilliant American herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner “Researchers have constantly noted that the healthier the immune system, the less likely one is to be infected and, if infected, the less severe the course of the disease.”

Some of the best foods to support immune health are yoghurt, oats and barley, selenium rich foods, garlic, black tea, chicken soup, zinc containing foods, ginger, broccoli and oregano.

And then there are all the herbs for optimizing immune function.  If you would like an immune strengthening mix for yourself and/or family members, I can refer you to a trusted colleague who specializes in distance consultations via Skype, phone, email etc.

And try not to let fear take hold of you, that has a negative effect on the immune system, Bach flower essences help especially Mimulus, the master remedy against fear, I can provide flower essence prescriptions.

Just email or phone:
0439 800343

Victoria Ferguson Dip.Herb.Med.
Member International Institute of Complementary Therapists
Author of The Complete Horse Herbal and The Practical Horse Herbal