It’s no secret that when people comment on how well my clients’ horses look on their VF Natural Diets, that they don’t believe there isn’t a secret ingredient, or two.

Well actually no there aren’t any secret ingredients, just hand mixed all natural feeds customised to each horse’s requirements. So the secret is just a bit more time devoted to feeding which pays big dividends – healthy gut, strong hooves, great muscle tone, balanced energy, shiny coats and immune protection. Find out more at


But when it comes to my pure herbal products, there are a few secrets – just one secret ingredient in each formula. And that one herbal ingredient makes all the difference to the synergy of the formulas, all researched and developed over my 25 years in practice as an equine herbalist.

All the ingredients – except one – are listed on the products on the shop and on the labels. So if you think it’s a good idea to buy some of all those herbs in dried form and plonk them in the feed, you are going to be disappointed. Not only will it cost you more, you will have no idea of the dosage rate, the period of treatment, or the proportions of the herbs in the mix and you are missing the secret ingredient !  And most importantly all my therapeutic formulas are made from medicinal quality liquid herbal extracts designed for oral dosing which go straight into the bloodstream via the liver so don’t go through the digestive tract. This high absorption produces fast results and is a bonus when so many horses have gut ulcers and poor appetites and especially for first aid formulas where time is of the essence.

My topical formulas for skin, hair and hoof care are all hand blended from the best quality herbal ingredients.

The Artisan Skin Balm is a best seller with a huge range of applications from wounds through to greasy heel, mud fever and Qld Itch.

Read all about it and all my other products here:

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