What's in a Diet? Victoria Ferguson

Truckie pictured in April this year after 6 weeks on his VF Natural Diet

Trevor & Lianne Barker have had their lovely old grey Ash on a VF Natural Diet for many years so when Truckie the new member of the family arrived, they asked me to formulate a diet for him too.

Standardbreds are usually very good doers, so he just needed a simple diet.   Plenty of roughage with grassy lucerne hay and triple mix chaff, specific quantities of
black sunflower seeds, flaky bran, raw wheat germ, French white millet, cold pressed linseed oil, rosehips, seaweed meal, brewer’s yeast, raw Organic Garlic, apple cider vinegar and Himalayan rock salt.

All these ingredients work together to provide the essential nutrients needed for preventive nutrition, as well as promoting great colour, muscle tone and calm temperament.

When Truckie first arrived he became very dependent on Ash, so a short course of Separation Anxiety Flower Essence Blend was given to him along with some Chamomile flowers in his feed, and now he is quite settled.

What's in a Diet? Victoria Ferguson

Here is Bella-May, Lianne’s daughter taking Truckie for a bareback ride